About the Series

Follow the adventures and struggles of a couple of Millennials just trying to get by in the world. Work worries, money woes, family conflicts, and crime.

Set in the contemporary world of business, this series of mysteries bring this young couple face to face with those who are willing to do anything to get what they want. Whether it’s in banking, the GM trade, the Human Resources game, or Real Estate Development, they invariably come up against those who are willing to commit murder to achieve success.


Traverse was a police detective whose career took an unexpected turn. Now Matt finds himself in the private sector, learning that, in Business, crossing the line into what’s illegal isn’t quite as clearly drawn.


Smith is a career criminal whose trade as a thief almost got her killed. Rennie opted for a different line of business, but the job’s not so keen to let her go.


is their landlord. A Front-End Baby-Boomer who’s ready for a little peace and quiet in retirement. … Ah well, best laid plans…. Folks call him Vet – because of the military history, the fact he’s good with animals, and has a surprising skill set that comes in handy, when these three…

Meet the Bad Boys of Business.

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