Denial Among Thieves

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Suicide hits close to home, compelling owner Matthew Traverse out of his corner office at Traverse Investigations to delve into the tragedy. He soon finds himself trapped between smoke and mirrors, when a witness goes missing, and an innocent bystander winds up dead…

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Collateral Among Thieves

Collateral Among Thieves book cover

A regular day turns deadly for Investigator Matthew Traverse – his morning commute becomes a lethal trap, triggered by a respected police officer. Forced to pursue an international fugitive wanted for money-laundering millions, Matthew’s loyalty is put to the test…

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Betrayed Among Thieves

Betrayed Among Thieves book cover

It’s the end of the road for Investigator Matthew Traverse. An epic merger is underway at Safehouse Security, but someone has decided Matthew won’t make the cut. Colleagues are sabotaged, family is targeted, and Matthew is forced…

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Cloaked Among Thieves

Cloaked Among Thieves book cover

The spy game isn’t for sissies – or retired tree huggers. Investigator Matthew Traverse finds himself caught in the crosshairs of his landlord’s past life when the death of Vet’s former colleague ignites old secrets. It’s cross and double-cross…

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Moriarty Among Thieves

Moriarty Among Thieves book cover

Ninety-year-old Gladys McFadden is certain she’s been robbed. A single item is missing – from a full safety deposit box in the invincible vault at Dawson Bank. Humouring the old girl, Investigator Matthew Traverse opens a case and asks his retired-thief girlfriend for a professional opinion…

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A Ghost Among Thieves

A Ghost among thieves book cover

An explosion and a fatality, it’s an all-too-common accident. Unless the victim is a retired career criminal with one too many enemies, who just happens to be dating the most successful private investigator in town – the one who’s in charge of security for the continent’s largest data company…

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